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Strikingly's New Simple Blog

Easy to add blog section to existing sites

I have several clients who want a clean, visually appealing site where they can blog. I've directed them to Wordpress, as it's the mothership for many bloggers and it's very easy to use. For clients with a small budget, using with a custom domain is a perfect option for those looking to set up a professional website to promote their work without spending a lot of time (or money) on custom design.
Now that's all changed. I'm excited to see that Strikingly offers a simple blog section for its websites. Adding the section was very easy, as it integrates with my existing site and can be customized with a background and other features.
I'm sure there will be some bugs and other issues that will need to be addressed, as the blog feature is in beta. With that in mind, I'll be posting periodically to see how this compares to using other website platforms, how easy it is to promote my posts via social media, and incorporating images, video, etc.
Well done, Strikingly!
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